About Us


1.    Name: -The Guinean Society of Greater Manchester  shall be called the “Guinean Society of Greater Manchester” and shall be referred to as “the Society” in this document.

Area covered: – Greater Manchester.


2.    Objectives: – The objectives of the Society shall be to:-


(2.1) Promote and provide social, recreational and educational activities and facilities for the wellbeing of all local people.


(2.2) Strengthen community spirit by providing advice, guidance and support to local people.


(2.3) Promote equal opportunities within the community.


(2.4) Seek to improve the physical environment of the area.


(2.5)  Represent the interests of the community to partners and agencies.


(2.6)  Cooperate with partners, businesses and agencies to further these objectives


3.    Activities of the GSGM: The Society will seek to achieve its objectives by:-


(3.1) Communication:-


(3.1.1) Take steps to inform gather and collate local people’s views on ALL issues of local importance within the community.


(3.1.2) To promote activities of the Society and those of other likeminded groups.


(3.1.3) To identify the needs and priorities of the Society.


(3.1.4) Develop and publicise a Society action plan.


(3.1.5) Publicise all public meetings and events



(3. 2) Action:-


(3.2.1) Hold no fewer than 6 meetings per year.


(3.2.2)  Ensure all meetings and events are fully accessible to Members of the Society.


(3.3) Advocacy:-


(3.3.1)  Ensure that all Members may access support and are signposted to the appropriate agency / organisation.


(3.3.2)  Make representations to all appropriate agencies on matters relating to issues raised at the Society meetings including health, welfare, environment and other issues.


(3.3.3)  Provide Society for information sharing.


(3.3.4)  Make representations as appropriate on behalf of local people.


(3.4)  Partnership Working:-


(3.4.1) Engage in working with any other body whose objectives may be of benefit to the Society.


(3.4.2)  If & when possible (or ‘free so to do’) an officer or appointed representative may attend other related Society in the Greater Manchester & report back to the next General Meeting of the Society.


4.    Membership:-


(4.1) Membership will be open to all Guinean people in the area of Greater Manchester         irrespective of Sex, Age, Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, Disability, Sexuality, Religion or Political belief.


(4.2)  Each eligible person may request a copy of the Constitution.


(4.3)  Membership will be encouraged from all Members within the geographical area of the Society.


(4.4)  It shall be a condition of membership that members, at all times, conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at meetings, events, activities, facilities, or other gatherings of the Society.  Any member may be suspended from membership of the Society for breach of this condition or for any conduct which is detrimental to achieving the objectives of the Society as outlined in the code of conduct.

The suspension shall be decided upon by those present at the meeting by a majority vote of those present. The period of suspension (which may be indefinite depending on the circumstances) shall be fixed at the same time.


(4.5)  Any member so suspended shall have the right to an independent appeal to the next General Meeting.



5.    Finance:-


(5.1) The Society shall apply to local partners and other appropriate bodies to secure funding for operating costs.


(5.2)  Any monies paid to or raised by or on behalf of the Society shall only be applied in furtherance of the objectives of the Society and for no other purpose. No payment or other benefit shall be made to members of the Society.


(5.3) A bank account shall be opened in the name of the Society. Payments from the Society’s account shall be authorised by any two, of a nominated three of the Society’s Officers.  Those signatories must be unrelated and must not live in the same household.



6.    Conduct of Business:-


(6.1) The day to day business of the Society shall be conducted by the elected Officers elected at an Annual General Meeting (“AGM”).  The officer posts of the Society shall consist of a Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer (“the Officers”).  All members present at an AGM shall have an equal vote.


(6.2) Employees of partner organisations/funding bodies shall not be eligible for election as Officers of the Society, nor shall they represent the Society in its dealings with any other bodies.


(6.3) The removal of an Officer may be carried out at a General Meeting of the Society. If not filled at the General Meeting, the Society may temporarily fill any vacancy arising among the Officers of the Society from the other members of the Society, and may co-opt a new member/s until the next General Meeting.


7.    Society structure:-


(7.1) The Society shall comprise of no fewer than four officers (Chairman, deputy chair, Secretary and Treasurer) who shall all be members of the Society and such other members as shall be appointed.  The elected Officers will meet as necessary.



8.    Annual General Meetings:-


(8.1)  The Society shall call an Annual General Meeting of the Society each year in the month of January.  AGMs shall be advertised to all Members not less than 28 days beforehand.


(8.2)  At the AGM:-


– The Chairman shall present an annual report of the Society,


–  The Treasurer shall present an end of year financial statement of accounts of the Society,


–  Accounts will be available at each meeting for inspection,


– The election of Society Officers shall be conducted by an independent person. Election may be held tri-annually.


(8.3) The AGM shall discuss any written proposals submitted to the Secretary by a Society member at least 7 days in advance of the meeting.


(8.4) Copies of the Constitution shall be made available at the Annual General Meeting.


9.    Special General Meetings:-

(9.1)  The Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting at the request of a majority of the Society members in attendance at the meeting or upon receipt of a written petition signed by no fewer than 50% of the average annual attendance at Society meetings.

(9.2)  The Secretary shall give not less than 14 clear days’ notice of the holding of a Special General Meeting by posters in public places, which shall take place within 21 days of the receipt of the request or petition.


10. Quorum:-

(10.1)The quorum of any General Meeting shall be no fewer than 10 members of the Society including two elected Officers.


11. Delegation:-

(11.1)  Any member(s) or Officer(s) of the Society delegated to represent the Society, at meetings or society involving third parties, shall act on behalf of the Society and shall report back to the following General Meeting.


12. Alterations to the Constitution:-

(12.1)  Any proposal to alter this Constitution must be submitted to the Secretary in writing by a member of the Society not less than 21 days before the AGM at which it is proposed to be discussed.


(12.2)  Not less than 14 days written notice of such a proposal shall be given to the members (which may be given by email where appropriate), together with the wording of the proposed alteration(s).  Any alteration shall require approval of two-thirds of those present and voting at the AGM.


13. Dissolution:-

(13.1)  The Society shall only be dissolved by resolution of a Special General Meeting.  Not less than 14 days written notice of such a meeting shall be given to the members (which may be given by email where appropriate) together with the wording of the motion to dissolve.  The Society should only be dissolved if two-thirds of those present and voting at the Special General Meeting are in favour of the motion.

(13.2)  When the Society has satisfied its proper liabilities, all remaining assets, financial and otherwise shall not be distributed amongst members of the Society but shall be donated to other similar charitable, benevolent or philanthropic groups whose purposes are for the benefit of  local people.